Sunday, June 26, 2011

a transformation

assalamualaikum and night peeps !
suddenly i wanna update this belog tonite
since i back from Melaka
after my foundation year
i have been experienced a lot
thick and thin 
with my roomies
till they changed me slowly
little by little
bout self motivation and of course
improve themselves and me
to go to the right path
the path that blessed by Allah
before , i can assume that i've already read a lot of love novels
but time flies
and so do i
now , i would prefer to read self motivation novel
because it contains hadith and Quran verse..
at least it helps me to move a step forward to Allah

p/s : pintu hati dah diketuk
untuk berubah lagi ke arah kebaikan
insyaallah nak jadi anak solehah
untuk ummi abah =)

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