Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bukan nak mencarut tapi . . .

okay..hari ni entry berunsur kemarahan
semenjak aku hidup menyingel 
ade je yang try nak masuk daun
* sorry..anda tak dilayan
untuk orang tersebut
maaf . . saya tidak melayan anda
anda membuat saya rasa rimas
anda mahukan perhatian 24 jam dari saya
yang mana mengalahkan perhatian yg saya patut bagi untuk study
anda overreacted bila text saya
anda mahukan persahabatan sahaja
bukan percintaan * bluekk ! SILA MUNTAH SEKARANG
tetapi perangai anda melebihi dari perangai 
seorang pakwe

tolong dan diharapkan segala kerjasama dari anda

p/s : semenjak clash, i feel more free 
to say what i wanna say;
exactly straight-forward

Thursday, November 24, 2011


hati saya rasa berat sangat 
lepas awakk cakap macam tuu
kenape awakk perlu cakap macam tuu ?
awakk sendiri dah tahu
saya sekarang macam mana
saya dah bina hidup baru
setelah 6 tahun saya terikat dengan awak
last kite chat
awak sendiri yang cakap
saya kene lupakan awak
stay fokus kat study
can't we just be friend ?
please awak..for our sake
let your feeling go
let you free from my shadow
saya tak nak awak terikat dengan saya
sedangkan saya kat sini
awak nun jauh di sana
awak , tolong ye
jangan semai harapan dalam hati awak
for our friendship.

p/s : in shocked

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

super hectic

just got back from Saujana Asahan 
well, i had my course family day there..
and this week
i have to face 
2 presentations
4 reports to hand in
and 3 tests
i am gonna squeeze..
wish me luck guys !

p/s : its nice to see you there
more progress please ?

Saturday, November 12, 2011


after i arrived shah alam
my leg sprinked
like hell    -.-
went to see a tukang urut on that night
beside urut my sprinked leg
she also urut my back
whether i like it or not
i have to do x-ray

i don't know what happened to myself recently
the tukang urut said that i have boy structure
at my body

a bit funny actually

p/s : in pain

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

wordless weds

CANON 1100d

p/s : shantekk kan..
rege puun mesti lah shantekk gakk

as promised

para pelakon teater with the crews

barisan puteri tujuh yang baru balik dari kayangan ;p

antara scene dalam pementasan teater

the crews

 the nenek kebayans
 with pengarah teater Melati

 one of the photographer

it blurry..;p

p/s : this is post requested by my friends

Monday, November 7, 2011

eat - eat -and-eat

entry ini adalah entry yang sangat bahaya 
yang boleh mengundang segala bagai reaksi dari orang ramai
untuk mengelakkan daripada berlaku sesuatu yang tak dijangka
sila tekan X sebelum terlambat

me of course a girl
but a typical girl likes to shop
being a shopaholic is not me
like seriously
if i go out accompany my friends to shop
my function is to bring them to each department
plus carry the basket and
once again, of course have to wait for them
basically, like a 
boyfriend waits for his girl
i don't like shop   but
i am willing to spend a lot of money on food
mostly, I will crave for Mc'D, Pizza Hut, KFC 
since my staple food in college 
just instant rice (nasi yg dah digoreng + ayam/daging)
and sometimes, i will eat bread
but the bread that I want to eat always sold out 
if my friends spent almost rm400/500 with girl's stuff
i spent more than that on food..
people might think that
i am such a crazy because spent that much for food

idc !..;p

p/s : assignment banyak, 
tido tk ckup

Thursday, November 3, 2011

unexpected date..LOL

today, my schedule was too free
like seriously
today's class started at 1030  and end at 12
all i did was watched THE EXORCIST movie
thanks madam amelia..
Madam is pretty cool and amazing lecturer

then, i went out with ehem ehem..
cannot write the name..
let it just be a secret then

pegi Jusco..
poor him, had to treat me for two days
and today i learnt new thing
as i never go to cineplex before,
today i broke the rule..

we watched the REAL STEEL..
that movie was awesome
first time watched the movie at cinema
the feel was quite different
plus, the sound effect..
here's the picture
 here's the tickets..
not the couple seats okayyy..:D

this was his food
at back was mine - spaghetti

p/s : first time dengar orang mintak maaf ngan makanan
sebab tak habes makan..cooomel sangat..=)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

today began with a good sign
my lecturer approved my photo for assignment
that's mean that i already had a good picture
then, in the middle of day
my mood swing
i cried silently in the middle of camp briefing
it was because of something unexpected occured 
in front of my eyes
at that time, i felt that the word is keep spinning
but I at the same place.
the world is revolves around me
then, i got text from my friend..
checked either i was okay or not
i replied
said that i need a shoulder to cry on
we met and he slowly chased away my sadness
you accmpany me to buy mr sweet you are

this is MR TEDDY..        -___-

semalam : makan Mc'D
filet-o-fish / oreo Mc Flurry / chicken porridge = full for entire night

thanks for today, friend

p/s : ade orang tuu jeles sbb selalu je ade orang belanje saye makan

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

it's pain

i have to wait for 3 days more
to go home 
at least for five days.
today, i went again to P.k
thought i were damn late to recheck
but nope at all
the other doctor checked me
and gave prescriptions to me
this conversation was before I went outside to get medicine

DOC : kenape awak datang lambat ? petang baru nak datang
ME : sorry doc. my schedule is pack today. 
DOC: alright then. go and take your medicine.If not succeed,
you have to undergo for an X-ray 
ME: (gulp)..alright doc..thanks !

i got 4 different medicines..
( feel sick of medicine already )
actually, since last week,
i was craving for Mc'D..
so, for today's dinner
I got Oreo Mc Flurry, Filet-o-fish burger, chicken porridge..

my dream turned reality..

till then, bye guys !

p/s : is there any hope left ?