Tuesday, December 27, 2011

semalam dah selamat menge-pos parcel
* hopefully it will arrive in good shape.
dan harga pun tersangat lah hensem. ;p
walaupun kita dah takde pape
but we're still friend aite ?
this week is my study leave.
imma already start my study.
hope it is worth. 

p/s : cepat laaaa habes.
nakk balik rumah.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

preview Papa, i LOVE you

assalamualaikum and good night peeps
actually benda ni dah lame wawa nak post
tapi peram lame gile sebab busy ngan assignments T____T

satu filem berkisarkan naik dan turun hidup seorang bapa tunggal
untuk membesarkan seorang anak perempuan yang kecik

sangat best sampai boleh menitiskan air mata korang
* tuu pun bagi yang soft-hearted laa..;p
sangat sarat dengan value 
sebab mesej sangat jelas untuk dipertontonkan

en david teoh pun ade datang :)

 mr pengarah-of-the-movie. sunbae mr hashim rejab

the ticket

p/s : 2 in one
did the assignment while watch the movie :)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

take it or leave it

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


ku pandang kiri
ku pandang kanan
seronoknya melihat orang kat sekeliling aku
happy dengan pasangan diorang
bukan jealous
bukan dengki
tapi bila aku terkenangkan
kisah aku
aku rasa sunyi
semestinya aku mempunyai teman
untuk mencurah rasa
semestinya aku mempunyai teman
untuk berkongsi rasa
semestinya aku mempunyai teman
untuk dihabiskan bersama

aku sunyi
teramat sunyi

p/s : Ya Allah tetapkanlah imanku..

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bukan nak mencarut tapi . . .

okay..hari ni entry berunsur kemarahan
semenjak aku hidup menyingel 
ade je yang try nak masuk daun
* sorry..anda tak dilayan
untuk orang tersebut
maaf . . saya tidak melayan anda
anda membuat saya rasa rimas
anda mahukan perhatian 24 jam dari saya
yang mana mengalahkan perhatian yg saya patut bagi untuk study
anda overreacted bila text saya
anda mahukan persahabatan sahaja
bukan percintaan * bluekk ! SILA MUNTAH SEKARANG
tetapi perangai anda melebihi dari perangai 
seorang pakwe

tolong dan diharapkan segala kerjasama dari anda

p/s : semenjak clash, i feel more free 
to say what i wanna say;
exactly straight-forward

Thursday, November 24, 2011


hati saya rasa berat sangat 
lepas awakk cakap macam tuu
kenape awakk perlu cakap macam tuu ?
awakk sendiri dah tahu
saya sekarang macam mana
saya dah bina hidup baru
setelah 6 tahun saya terikat dengan awak
last kite chat
awak sendiri yang cakap
saya kene lupakan awak
stay fokus kat study
can't we just be friend ?
please awak..for our sake
let your feeling go
let you free from my shadow
saya tak nak awak terikat dengan saya
sedangkan saya kat sini
awak nun jauh di sana
awak , tolong ye
jangan semai harapan dalam hati awak
for our friendship.

p/s : in shocked

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

super hectic

just got back from Saujana Asahan 
well, i had my course family day there..
and this week
i have to face 
2 presentations
4 reports to hand in
and 3 tests
i am gonna squeeze..
wish me luck guys !

p/s : its nice to see you there
more progress please ?

Saturday, November 12, 2011


after i arrived shah alam
my leg sprinked
like hell    -.-
went to see a tukang urut on that night
beside urut my sprinked leg
she also urut my back
whether i like it or not
i have to do x-ray

i don't know what happened to myself recently
the tukang urut said that i have boy structure
at my body

a bit funny actually

p/s : in pain


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

wordless weds

CANON 1100d

p/s : shantekk kan..
rege puun mesti lah shantekk gakk


as promised

para pelakon teater with the crews

barisan puteri tujuh yang baru balik dari kayangan ;p

antara scene dalam pementasan teater

the crews

 the nenek kebayans
 with pengarah teater Melati

 one of the photographer

it blurry..;p

p/s : this is post requested by my friends


Monday, November 7, 2011

eat - eat -and-eat

entry ini adalah entry yang sangat bahaya 
yang boleh mengundang segala bagai reaksi dari orang ramai
untuk mengelakkan daripada berlaku sesuatu yang tak dijangka
sila tekan X sebelum terlambat

me of course a girl
but a typical girl likes to shop
being a shopaholic is not me
like seriously
if i go out accompany my friends to shop
my function is to bring them to each department
plus carry the basket and
once again, of course have to wait for them
basically, like a 
boyfriend waits for his girl
i don't like shop   but
i am willing to spend a lot of money on food
mostly, I will crave for Mc'D, Pizza Hut, KFC 
since my staple food in college 
just instant rice (nasi yg dah digoreng + ayam/daging)
and sometimes, i will eat bread
but the bread that I want to eat always sold out 
if my friends spent almost rm400/500 with girl's stuff
i spent more than that on food..
people might think that
i am such a crazy because spent that much for food

idc !..;p

p/s : assignment banyak, 
tido tk ckup

Thursday, November 3, 2011

unexpected date..LOL

today, my schedule was too free
like seriously
today's class started at 1030  and end at 12
all i did was watched THE EXORCIST movie
thanks madam amelia..
Madam is pretty cool and amazing lecturer

then, i went out with ehem ehem..
cannot write the name..
let it just be a secret then

pegi Jusco..
poor him, had to treat me for two days
and today i learnt new thing
as i never go to cineplex before,
today i broke the rule..

we watched the REAL STEEL..
that movie was awesome
first time watched the movie at cinema
the feel was quite different
plus, the sound effect..
here's the picture
 here's the tickets..
not the couple seats okayyy..:D

this was his food
at back was mine - spaghetti

p/s : first time dengar orang mintak maaf ngan makanan
sebab tak habes makan..cooomel sangat..=)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

today began with a good sign
my lecturer approved my photo for assignment
that's mean that i already had a good picture
then, in the middle of day
my mood swing
i cried silently in the middle of camp briefing
it was because of something unexpected occured 
in front of my eyes
at that time, i felt that the word is keep spinning
but I at the same place.
the world is revolves around me
then, i got text from my friend..
checked either i was okay or not
i replied
said that i need a shoulder to cry on
we met and he slowly chased away my sadness
you accmpany me to buy mr teddy..how sweet you are

this is MR TEDDY..        -___-

semalam : makan Mc'D
filet-o-fish / oreo Mc Flurry / chicken porridge = full for entire night

thanks for today, friend

p/s : ade orang tuu jeles sbb selalu je ade orang belanje saye makan

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

it's pain

i have to wait for 3 days more
to go home 
at least for five days.
today, i went again to P.k
thought i were damn late to recheck
but nope at all
the other doctor checked me
and gave prescriptions to me
this conversation was before I went outside to get medicine

DOC : kenape awak datang lambat ? petang baru nak datang
ME : sorry doc. my schedule is pack today. 
DOC: alright then. go and take your medicine.If not succeed,
you have to undergo for an X-ray 
ME: (gulp)..alright doc..thanks !

i got 4 different medicines..
( feel sick of medicine already )
actually, since last week,
i was craving for Mc'D..
so, for today's dinner
I got Oreo Mc Flurry, Filet-o-fish burger, chicken porridge..

my dream turned reality..

till then, bye guys !

p/s : is there any hope left ?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

am i a weirdo ?

title takk menahan betul yee..
kalau anda anda semua pegi shopping/ mall
section ape yg korang takkan miss pegi ?
kasut /baju/ accessories/ cosmetics ?
and wawa pulakk
takkan miss dari pegi baby's section
pelik kan..
seorang perempuan bujang yang tiada teman
suka jenjalan pegi tempat baby..memang pelik b ajaib
ade 3 sebab nape wawa suke baby's section
1- haruman baby sangat lain dan 
dan buat saya bertindak macam budak kecik..LOL
2- baju baby sangat comel dan wawa rase geram sangat
3. ia mengigatkan kenangan wawa mase kecik..=)
and just now,
i did my advertising assignment..and i found this

takk memasal kan promot barang baby..

p/s : can't wait to have babies..LOL


Thursday, October 27, 2011

move on ~

its not a lie
but a fact that now, 
i am moving on my life
solely without you
i feel like 
this is who i am
the real one
there is my friend asked me bout moving on
did i just say that i already moved on but still 
remember of him

i am hundred percent move on
and left the past
but of course 

there is some time 
i will stop for awhile and take a gasp
reminiscence the past

p/s: you don't know that how much tears 
I cried for you


Monday, October 24, 2011

its the most hectic week

dah lame rase tak update blogg..
seminggu tk call umi abah..
memang terbaekk lahh..
* bukan sengaja.. ^__^
ade KI..
ade theatre performance untuk pesta konvo..
the title is 7 puteri..
and i was one of them..

and the picture ...?
takde lagi..ade ngan photographer..
nest time, i'll show it..
till then,
bye bye

p/s : tak cukup rehat..penat tapi berbaloi
thanks abg azrai ngan joseph sbb make-up i..


Thursday, October 20, 2011

a big family

the beast is surrounded by the beauties :)

picture above shown
how ' big' my family is..
although we only get to know for about 2 months
but the relationship is really strong
like a real brother-sisters
we tease each other
we care each other
we remember each other
so, this is how my degree life start

i start to feel comfortable with you guys !

i heart you..xD

p/s : the mid sem break is around the corner
can't wait to go home


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

until today, people keep ask me
why I pursue my study in masscomm study
and i just answer that i don't get the Medsi test
but they don't ask why I didn't get the Medsi test
this is because

i filled the UPU wrongly..
yeah.. a small mistake there only with the first choice
and that's it..
at the end, i am here
if i got the Medsi test, probably 
I am now in UKM or UTM Skudai..
what a waste right..
but sho cares if sooner I can continue 
my study, Master insyaallah
in TESL again..

p/s : do pray for me <3

Friday, October 7, 2011

thanks for the day peeps !

morning guys !
* tetibe je malam ni jadi bear yang comel
sebab nak siapkan assignment advert
see the title ?
iyee..memang keluar date puun..
tapi ber TIGA okay ?
2 gals and a guy
kitorang skolah menengah same and sekelas
dah sebulan buat deg kat uitm shah alam
baru laaa dapat jumpa * sigh
name je 1 kampus tapi tk penah jumpa
the pictures will shown later..
till then, 

p/s: inter is my major
advert is my minor

Saturday, October 1, 2011


thank you friends
because i got you on my back
when i have crisis
when i have no direction to go
when i am having ketidaktetapan-perasaan
when i feel like wanna cry and hug someone
thank you abang
because of your concern
even tho abang did not know the real situation
you are willing to text me 
just to check either i am okay or not
even it is your lunch time

p/s : being blessed


its 011011

chewahh..tajuk tak menahan betul ye..
macam no binary..
dulu penah terasa nak buat projek 'itu'
insyaallah slow2 bakal menuju ke arah itu..
harap2 this time jadi

p/s : its october and i am still no strong enough

Monday, September 26, 2011

2 in 1

* cube tengok couple tuu..
diorang tersangat laaa sweet..
macam cheers kolej mane entah..
'' sweeettt sangat''..hehe
that guy is my former classmate mase buat TESL foundation
and the girl pulak is my roomy
even tho diorang gaduh lepas tu berbaik
tapi diorang nampak sangat serasi
aku memang happy for them
ye lah kan diorang memang rapat dengan aku
conversely, dalam hati aku
aku nak jugak ade pakwe yang sweet, nakal
pandai ambik hati dan banyak spend time doing crazy thing..hehe

macam baju tadika kan ?
itu diee baju kolej  tempat wawa tinggal..
kolej melati..tapi sejuk jugak laa pakai baju tuu..
size paling kecik ialah size M..
* fuhh..nasib baik bayar awal, so dapat laa size M..


p/s : already single and
currently move on 


Friday, September 23, 2011

the end

hari ni 24/9
secara official ceritera cinta antara aku dan dia dah berakhir
tiada lagi panggilan manja diterima
tiada lagi perhatian diterima
bukan bermakna antara kita adanya orang k3
bukan bermakna aku dah tak sayangkan dia
tapi kesabaran aku dah melebihi had
tapi aku dah takde keupayaan nak tunggu
6 tahun aku menanggung rasa
pelbagai rasa telah rapi tersimpan kemas dalam lipatan hati aku
aku tak salahkan dia
membenci dia pun tidak, malah jauh sekali hati aku berbuat demikian
terima kasih sebab sudi hadir dalam hidup saya walaupun sekejap
sekejap itulah dah membuatkan saya matang menjalani kehidupan

Untuk dia
terima kasih untuk segala galanya
untuk kasih yang mungkin tiada sempadan
untuk perhatian yang dicurah selama ini
untuk segala pemberian walaupun tak diminta
untuk bagi segala rasa tu kat saya
untuk masa yang dihabiskan bersama saya
ketahuilah wahai si dia,
inilah jalan terbaik untuk kita buat masa sekarang
selamat tinggal...
semoga berjaya dan sihat selalu

p/s : i have said mine..
what about yours ?


Friday, September 16, 2011


tadi, tetibe je tangkap taching bile review tagged pictured..
ade gambar L..ade gambar A..
gambar ex-classmate..
rindunye kat korang..
memories remedy sungguh..
kenangan betul laaa..nguhuu ~ www.tips-fb.com

Thursday, September 15, 2011

di luar nampak nya tenang
biar pun di dalam hatinya
gundah gulana
di luar nampak nya tenang
mahu pun di dalam hatinya
resah gelisah
di luar nampaknya tenang
berbeza pula di dalam hatinya

hati yang ku ada
penuh rasa
becampur baur rasanya
ada suka - duka 
sakit - perit tidak terlupa
sudah lama ku pendamkan ia
biar lah ia menjadi rahsia kita
aku bukan meminta
tidak juga memaksa
tapi apakan daya
aku sudah tak berupaya
cukuplah hanya sekali sahaja
walaupun ia tersirat
ku tahu dirimu memahaminya
terima lah seadanya

p/s :lect cakap to maintain a relationship,
we have to keep contact continuously

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what a havoc in short period

assalamualaikum guys !
whoaaa..dah lame sangat tak update blogg tersayangg..
ngehee ~
been busy with degree stuff..
insyaallah..will comfortable to the new surrounding soon
but yet, i am still adapting with new environment
with new roomates , new courses and 
of course new status..
from MELATI to MASSCOM faculty is okay
i just have to walk for bout 10-15 mins
( no need to jog then )..haha
but from MELATI to MENARA SAAS is K.O
like seriously, i have to ride bus to there
( banyak habes duit kat rapid )..nguhuuu ~
for study, i am now working on getting recycle textbooks
wish me luck guys !

p/s : rasa sayang hei
rasa sayang sayang hei..
hei melati lihat jati
rasa sayang sayang hei..

Sunday, September 4, 2011

its nice having a chat with you
on that day..
you know its not that easy for us 
to talk close like that..
thanks for the courage

p/s : i've done with what i want
both of us are hurting ourselves
it is better for us right now


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

entry lewat..;p

assalamualaikum guys !
hari tuu i've made some preparation for raya 
but i totally forgot to update my blog bout that
you guys buat ape for this raya ?
like always, there are only 2 type of biscuits yang umah wawa sediakan
biskut cornflakes and biskut arab
* yang TERlebih masak tuu..kire adat lahh kan..:)
then i've made a buttercake..
not really a buttercake b'cause i put some raisins into it..
my friend said it was delicious..
so, here's the pictures . . . . 
in the making of RAYA...

first attempt bake buttercake : succeed
buttercake from side
there's a story behind the making of the cake actually
when i was busy doing the 'adunan'
then my bros came and ask if i need their help
tho i said no, my elder bro insisted nak pukul adunan jugak
while my lil bro menyibuk tyme nak masukkan kismis..
bila dah fully cooked, my elder bro said
''haaa..ni menjadi ni hasil tangan abg lah ni..'' dengan poyo nyee..
this is cornflakes biscuits
it is very easy to make the dough..
bile dah masak, kene susun dalam tupperware
* sorry..a bit blurry
left side is cornflakes biscuits and the right one is biskut arab

rasanya belum terlewat untuk wawa ucapkan
ku susun 10 jari tangan
ku pinta seribu kemaafan dari hujung stoking
sampai laaa hujung tudung/rambut


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

kau dan aku
punyai 1001 persamaan dan juga perbezaan
kita berkongsi sama rasa
kita berkongsi udara yang sama setiap hari
oksigen yang kau sedut , karbon dioksida yang kau hembus
aku jua begitu
tidak kurang tidak lebih
kita berkongsi globe yang sama
meskipun kau jauh nun di sana , 
tapi tetap berada di bumi ciptaan ALLAH
yang nyata , aku masih di sini 
tapi hakikatnya,
kita terlalu berbeda
aku perempuan dan kau makhluk ALLAH bergelar lelaki
fitrah kita terlalu berbeza
sekalipun kau berubah menjadi perempuan dalam sekelip mata,
namun kau tetap lelaki
perempuan adalah makhluk yang paling lemah dan paling pemalu
sekali puun seseorang perempuan itu kelihatan sangat terbuka
namun , dia juga merasa malu dalam beberapa perkara
tidak semua yang di perlihatkan luaran sama dengan dalaman seseorang
hakikatnya, tuan empunya hati sahaja yang tahu
dan kau insan bernama lelaki
Allah ciptakan kau bertujuan sebenarnya
untuk memimpin kaum hawa dan menjadi ketua bagi sesebuah negara
jadi lah pemberani wahai kaun adam
sesungguhnya perempuan amat tidak sukakan langkah pertama di buat oleh nye
bukan untuk menyatakan ingin lelaki bersifat gentleman
tetapi fahamilah fitrah perempuan
sesungguhnya perempuan dambakan perhatian, dan 
bukannya wang ringgit , hadiah bertimbun timbun
pernah juga perempuan sanggup rendahkan maruah mencari lelaki
setelah sedar nye dari kealpaan, 
maka sanggup di buangnya rasa itu kerana nilai yang satu itu
iaitu MARUAH


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

shoes a.k.a kasut

Prepared by :

Prepared for :

ngade ngade betull lah kan 'cekkgu' ni 
tyme cuti cuti nak raya ni laaa bagi eseimen..
kesian student cekgu nii..
mane nak handle business lagi , nak buat eseimen lagi
hadoii..eseimen elektronik pulak tuu..
saboo je lahh.. =,=
ekeke..jangan marah je cik mirah ijah..
nih nak buat laaa ni..
hokeh..this post gonna tell bout my shoes..
the first one is this

this is my first and only sneakers..
haaaa..finally , dapat jugakk..
tuu puun lepas mengadu kat umi sebab takde sneakers..^_^
cam biase laah kan..kene hanging around ngan akak kat kedai
semata mata nak cari size 4 [ 36 ]
payahh woo..kaki nih terlebih kechik..
salah satu sebab mengapa saya tak suka sangat pegi beli kasut..

nih pulak bakal digunakan untuk pegi kelas mase buat deg nanti..
hehe..flat je kan..sebab kat sane nanti jalan
nanti takde laaa mengadu
''mirah...kaki aku melecet''..;p

ini pulak kasut adik wawa sebenarnye..
besar gedabak punye kaki sampai kakak pakai puun still ade lebih few inches
haha..paww kasut die mase buat lesen dulu..
try kasut lain tapi cam takbest je ..
alih alih kasut nih jugak pakai sampai test
nasib baik PASSED..ekeke

sape cakap nih kasut wawa ? * angkat tangan
memang nak gelak kuat kuat..hehe
this is actually my mom's shoes
tapi di sebabkan kitorang same size,
so, kasut nih selalu je kene tibai tyme wawa kene pegi interview..
tapi kann..nampak je solid sebab leather
tapi superb habess..sumpah comfortable gile..:D

* abaikan pemandangan kat belakang..hehe
nih kasut raya last raya but
i am gonna wear this for this raya
sebab still elok and wawa tak pakai sangat...
sakit kaki laaa..
* belikan ELGY boleh ?..;p

ni lah mende nye wawa pakai hari hari
the crocs..
guess which one is mine ?
the pink one of course laaa...
selesa sangat..
wawa dah pakai mende ni sampai KB MALL dah..
peduli hape ngan pandangan orang..
janji selesa..sempoi habess..
dah laa mase tuu kuar ngan cik abangs..
memang terbaekk laa kan..
masuk pulak POPULAR..
memang laaa..hehe..

basically, ini je koleksi kasut yang saye ade..
oh lupe..slipper lady bird yang selalu cik mirah ijah pinjam
tak dapek eden nak buat photoshoot tadi sbb dalam plastik..

soo..TARRAA !

nih je kasut saye..

p/s : nanti cikgu nak bagi mark ke ?

Monday, August 22, 2011

neomu chuwa

assalamualaikum and night peeps !
recently, i got good news..
whooaaa !
very very very happy..
double triple and etc..ekekeke
business is running smoothly 
currently in process to send the'mini popias' to the houses
preparation to further my study is almost perfect..
and ehem [ something is undeniably happen to me and it makes my day ]
got voucher from government [ for study actually ]
finally, got green light to drive..[ love yaa abah ]
last but not least , my mom said i can cook very well..hehe..^^

p/s : as usual, forgot to take the dish photo..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

its a 'playground'...

Thursday, August 11, 2011


assalamualaikum and good nite guys..
haaa..see the title ? 
* jangan lah terasa okayh..this is just from my view..ituu saje
peace no war .. ^_^
is one of the sensitive issues for women 
but most guys support their own gender on this matter..
* macam mane wawa tergerak nak post pasal hal ni ?
there is something happened previously and i wish it would not 
happen AGAIN !
* sumpahh TAK NAK !!
okay..this is it..
recently, wawa ade tanye kat someone why poligami wujud
and someone is him and he's already married..kayh ?
this is his answers :
first - lelaki ialah makhluk ALLAH yang sukakan cabaran
second - setelah bertahun2 hidup bersama isterinya, barulah 'dia' tahu bahawa 
mereka tidak sesuai..* WTH ?
third - * macam mane haa nak explain yang nih..ehm..macam things like this..
antara kete kancil produk Perodua yang di beli 4-5 tahun sudah vs kete Honda yang baru dilancarkan..
mane lagi menarik ? 
fourth - his lust * pandai2lah yee..

done with his answers and i am gonna start to explain my opinion
truthfully, memang laa kalau nak dibuat pilihan, wawa takkan setuju kalau * what if okayy
andai kata esok lusa 'dia' nak berpoligami..
tapi wawa pun hamba Allah, tak mampu nak menolak hukum Allah
bahawa menolak poligami seolah olah tidak menerima hukum Allah
kalau dah memang takdir, sooner or later i have to accept that
dan kalau lah..* what if lagih..-____-
seorang isteri yang begitu solehah
taat dan setia kepada suaminya 
menyediakan makan pakai cukup serba serbi bak kata sweet talker
tiada nampaknye cacat cela..*chewwah..kekeke
bahkan segala urusan berkaitan duit, langsung tidak dimintanya duit untuk dibelikan 
segala intan permata, kain sutera bagai..
cukup bersederhana..
apakah gerangan si suami sudah tertutup mata , buta hati untuk menilai betapa mulianya isterinya ?
wawa tak kisah laa for those men yang poligami sebab nak selamatkan golongan wawa but kalau 
for his lust camner ? * haaa..sape nak jawabb nih ?
seeloknya janda dipilih jika dibandingkan dengan anak dara..
* nampak sangat laaa jarang kan lelaki pilih janda
and kalau lah for his lust, 'dia' nak berpoligami,
si isteri haruslah motivate si suami * kene persuade betul2..
ye lah kan..mampu ke nak berlaku adil ?
kalah dah kawen, and tak dapek nak adil , cam mane tuu ?
* setahu wawa laaa..(correct me if wrong ) Rasulullah SAW jika dilihat pada zahirnya memang boleh berlaku adil terhadap keempat2 isteri baginda..tetapi hatinya iaitu sayangnya tidak boleh dibahagikan kerana dia terlalu sayangkan seorang sahaja isterinya iaitu Siti Khadijah
sebagai manusia biasa , apetah lagi kan..
wahai kaum Adam, * hanya nak berpesan..
hargailah permata yang berada di hadapan mata
dah terlambat untuk menyesal 
setelah kilauan permata itu hilang serinya
tepuk dada , tanya lah selera sendiri..

just wanna share :

p/s : takde niat nak menyindir menyelar sape2..
hanya untuk renungan semata mata
peace ^^

Friday, August 5, 2011

mini popia

assalamualaikum and good day guys..
today, i wanna share something 
* act this is requested by shera
it is more like a tradition in my family to make mini popia for eid
but this year, my brother and I planned something else
we would take orders from friends and relatives who
want this kueh too..
only RM8 for 100 pcs 
* not forget to send some to pasar siti khadijah
and alhamdulillah..sold out..tehee ~


step 1 
beli kulit popia..of course..hehe..
selalunye wawa beli yang ni sebab bile kite tekan 
ia takkan pecah..

kalau kat tempat wawa
it's just RM 3.49 for 50 pcs

step 2 
ukur sama lebar dan sama panjang kat kulit popia
untuk dapatkan 4 squares
* kalau nak lagi jelas tengok kat bhgn belakang plastik 

step 3 
letakkan sedikit serunding ikan atau daging kat atas kulit popia
but make sure kat atas penjuru
* selalunye serunding ikan digunakan sbb lagi murah

step 4 
gulung dengan kemas dan pastikan
ianya berbentuk bulat..
* kemek cket diterima..hehe

step 5 
then goreng hingga berwarna brown
sebab mini popia kene rangup
kalau takk..tak uummphh..hehe

and the result will look like this

lagi gelap puun boleh
tapi make sure jangan HANGIT ok ?

and yang nih wawa buat 3 days for 1000 pcs
untuk hantar kat pasar siti khadijah

boleh laaa nak buat income cket..hehe

selamat mencuba
till then, selamat 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

its not too late

and today is the 3rd day of ramadhan
and i am not too late to wish 
a happy fasting to you guys 
"berpuasa lah kamu sebelum kamu dipuasa kan"...ecece..
there are many things that i wanna share
but i can't put those in words yet..
maybe some other time later..
will do..soon
till then, bye

p/s : ahlaaamakk..ter'update' blogg laahh..

Friday, July 22, 2011

a confession

walaupun awak botak
rambut dah kurang
awak nampak sweet and comel

Monday, July 18, 2011


from now on till tomorrow, i am gonna be a full-time-maid
why ?
sebab umi kene pegi KL..
malam ni tyme dinner, sunyi jeee..
lepas dinner, puun sunyi
cakap kat abah yang when umi is not around,
rumah macam takde orang 
sebab takk bising..
yelah dah name puun mak kann
mesti laa pot pet sana 
pot pet sini..
nasib baik 2 hari je..haha
umiii...cepat cepat balik tauu
anak anak ummi rindukan bebelan umi...xD

p/s : bedak aku kene tibai ngan umi
huaaa..dah takde bedak bear nak pakai..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

praise to The Almighty

today is 15th aite ?
result upu dah keluar..
alhamdulillah dapat sambung deg..
for those nak check,
here's the link

Friday, July 1, 2011

kalau padi , katakan padi 
tidak lah hamba tertampi tampi 
kalau jadi , katakan jadi 
tidak lah hamba ternanti nanti 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

a transformation

assalamualaikum and night peeps !
suddenly i wanna update this belog tonite
since i back from Melaka
after my foundation year
i have been experienced a lot
thick and thin 
with my roomies
till they changed me slowly
little by little
bout self motivation and of course
improve themselves and me
to go to the right path
the path that blessed by Allah
before , i can assume that i've already read a lot of love novels
but time flies
and so do i
now , i would prefer to read self motivation novel
because it contains hadith and Quran verse..
at least it helps me to move a step forward to Allah

p/s : pintu hati dah diketuk
untuk berubah lagi ke arah kebaikan
insyaallah nak jadi anak solehah
untuk ummi abah =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

be grateful

assalamualaikum guys!
hari nih tergerak hati nak update belogg..
be grateful ..yes you must no matter you guys susah ke senang ke..
bersyukur itu penting..
kenapa wawa nak nagging pasal benda nih ?
sebab wawa terfikir betapa jauh nye beza
antara kehidupan mase wawa and bodyguard mase tecix tecix dulu
dengan life si lil bro skang..
kalau nak di umpamakan
ibarat matahari dengan planet pluto * tho pluto is not a planet..hua hua
pakai baju berjenama geordano bagai
tanak cikai..yang orii bhaii ~
even track suit tak pakai laaa yang low class
jatuh standard lahh..
bukan nak drag laa kan..but he shud be grateful
yelah..i know that previous parents income was so low kalau nak 
dicomparekan dengan current salaries
cakap je..insyaallah dapat..
yelah tak penah dapat title budak-tak-penah-susah kan
wawa and bodyguard tak pernah question why he always gets what he wants
only one that we want from him
dah dapat ape yang nakk kan..as a return , belajar lah rerajin..
naikkan pointerr..jangan nak bergaya and
flirt je !..OoOpps !.

p/s : kalau dah rase senang, bersyukur
and kalau di beri dugaan , berlapang lah dada
insyaallah Allah sentiasa di sisi kita
smile always peeps !

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

kene bebel

assalamualaikum peeps !
as you can see the title..yes i am..
i met a dietition yesterday and she nagged at me
because of my low glucose level in blood..: (
well..so sorry because i don't really like sweet food..
then she asked me to take more rice
and she also advised to bring along sweets and juice with me
if i wanna go out..
as a preparation to not to collapse.. ^_^
thanks for your concern..
and today i have high fever..poor me..

p/s : pray for me to get well soon www.tips-fb.com

Sunday, June 19, 2011

special post

assalamualaikum and good day guys! ^_^

today i am official 19..hoyehh! * tho i dislike..huu ~
alhamdulillah..thank you very much
to all my family members and lovely friends
for all the wishes..
*tachingg meh
for those yg ade bagi pressies..
thank you so much * include you hun..hehe
i am not gonna celebrate today since the lil bro is staying at hostel
so , maybe this weekend..insyaallah..
to my beloved ummi and abah
saje je kan buat kakak neves sbb sengaja wish yg paling lambat..
* apee daa..befday pun kene tease jugak ke -,-
to my ' bodyguard'
comel je kan wish birthday bile sudi call umah bile call hp tk angkat..hehe ^^
to my lil bro
mase birthday org ni laaa nak main aci chakk..ggrr ~
to my hunny bunny
thank you awak..love your pressies..hehe

this is my first gift that i received on13th june
hehe..MUET result..
alhamdulillah..sampai target =)

yang nih pulakk
i received a week ago..hehe
kamsahamnida :)
even tho parcel kemek but i will still keep it
i give you my word..
maybe you'll get soon
will do..hehe * winks

one of the item inside the parcel
'' i do, hun''..hehe
* i am taken = p

Saturday, June 18, 2011


assalamualaikum and today is 19th june..
;p hehe
walaupun hari nih hari official father's day
but my family dah celebrate awal awal..tehee~
disebabkan before this aku masak spaghetti
for my lil bro je, abang kesayangan aku merajuk rajuk
disebabkan nak makan spaghetti..* manje siott..ekeke
malam tuu..masak laaa..
lepas ko-keng ko-keng kat dapur
alhamdulillah..ciap masak jugak..
habes licin..hua hua hua
* nasib baik die cakap sedap..HAHA
then lepas serve makanan, baru aku wish kat abah.
here the pic..hehe

* sos banyak sebab abah nakk..hehe

lots of love,
your daughter :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

male vs female

assalamualaikum and morning guys !
* since it is already 1230..hehe
well..i am not gonna tell about sad story or something similar like that
it is about MALE vs FEMALE
last night I had thought something
and i don't know how to conclude that
will ya do that for me ? ahah
what if there is a couple
they have no problem at all 
then , when it comes to understand each other's attitude
one of them really understand who her partner is
instead of being understand his partner too, he 
is more to be such an innocent guy
with that behaviour, it is damn hard to know 
what lies inside his mind aite ?
and the girl has to put a lot of effort to make him spill it out
* i think the girls shouldn't always make the first move
after a long period , the girl decided to do something drastically
if the girl doesn't ask that guy to spill everything on her,
will him do it volunteerly ?
i am not pointing to any gender but based on my experience
both genders are complicated to understand

p/s : tetibe terfikir ayat nih
dah orang layan pakai tangan, appreciate laa
jangan laa layan orang pakai kaki pulakk.
* its not just words..think deeper
night peeps !


a lost

assalamualaikum guys !
dah berkarat agaknye my belogg..tehee~
i am still in the mood berkabung
my granny had passed away last friday
exactly in the middle of the night..
al- fatihah
though i am not too close to her , 
yet i still respect her as elder and my granny
wish my granny is placed among the pious


Monday, June 6, 2011


assalamualaikum (^_^)
today, terasa mcam nak update belogg laa..hehe
ketuk ?
jangan ingat this post about nak pukul hentam orang..
ehh takklaaa..bukan yang tuu
ketukk in this entry means mintak..('',)
kepada sape sape yang tengah berpasang tuu
takk lepas laa kan kalau takde term belanje saye , belanje awak
takk kurang jugak term 'awak, kalau nak ape ape bagitau saye tau'
as for me, bukan nak bangga diri ke hape lahh kann..
i never ask something from my ehem ehem
never !
sebab ?
simple je..tak nak ketuk duet orang sebab kita tak tahu sape jodoh kite
kita tak tahu boleh tak kite end up relationship yang kita bina tu dengan 
ade je perempuan yang sengaja tinggal purse kalau nak date
motifnye ape nak orang belanje kan ?
ade jugak yang mak sendiri yang suruh tinggal purse
tak dinafikan laa lelaki memang nak act gentleman depan their girl
nak jadi seperfect yang mungkin
tapi pompuan puun kene laa faham
ala kadar cukuplaa..jangan laa overboard
nih takk..nak ini nak itu
kalau yang cokia takkpe..ini yang orii derr..
ingat laa ckett..itu duet diee..bukan duet kite 
i am not pointing to any girls tapi agak tertarik laa
nak bagitau kat girls yang takk elok sangat laa duk ketuk duet otrang nih
hape..ingat lelaki suka sangat ke
mula mula memang laa takk
tapi kalau dah lame , muak jugakk 
so , takk salah kan kalau tak ketuk orang..hehe
as a precaution tak salah kalau practice =)

peace no war 


Friday, June 3, 2011

baby sitting

assalamualaikum guys !
it is been a while i didn't update this blog..
* looking for the ideas actually..
forget the Milano's matters kayh ?
a few days ago, i had to babysit 3 brothers during night
since their mom had to attend a course
it was quite funny when I saw my father sat in the middle of the sofa
i thought he was quite awkward with those kids 
since he got no more baby to take care of.
All his children already turned to teenage =)
i had to take care of 2 brothers and a sister.
how i lucky to take care a well-behaved baby
believe it or not his mom left him about 4 hours at my house
but the baby called Idham never cried even once
there is one thing that i like bout this baby
just let him plays himself , then slowly he will sleep
see , so easy to get him sleep
* and if i have kids like that..;p
tho felt so tired after they back home
i felt a bit satisfied since i missed to babysit baby

this is idham
comel je kann..:)

geram nak dukung..hehe

these are his brother and sister
* penat lepas main..hehe

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

to : my beloved Fa n Ma :D

semoga berkekalan sehingga ke akhir hayat dan di limpahi rezeki serta diberikan kesihatan tubuh badan :)
kami ; putera puteri abah & umi sentiasa mendoakan yang masjid yang dibina insyaallah berkekalan

i heart youu
may Allah bless both of you always

enjoy the song :)

there is nothing much to say since i am really not in good mood..
i am not gonna post it here..when i am in good mood , only songs can soothe me ..
then ,let's just enjoy this song entitled : ku ingin selamanya by ungu = )


Thursday, May 26, 2011

action speaks louder than words

this post gonna be a short one
i don't feel sad nor frustrated if you treat me that way
you seem very happy 
good bye love
maybe you would notice me if i stay out of your life
i wish you have a good life outside there
have a blast one
bye bye 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ape yang penting :


assalamualaikum and night guys !
dah lama rasa tak update belogg..
*though just a few days..hehe
today , my brother and saye bekerjasama
hehe..* ingat orang pompuan tak pandai buat ke ?
jangan pandang tutup mata kayh..hehe..;p
kitorang adik beradik mmg diajar buat keje sendiri
*al- maklumlah..takkde maid and parents keje
tapi kann..puas hati buat keje sendiri..
malam nih kompem lahh bilik sejukk and and
besttt untuk mentidurkan diri..miahaha..;p
even though aku puun di spoil oleh family , 
tapii akuu tau gak buat keje berat tauu..
except for buat benda yang memerlukan ketinggian lahh..
hehe..jumpa esk ea ?

p / s : awakk, sorry takk online tadi..electric shortage..:)