Tuesday, June 14, 2011

male vs female

assalamualaikum and morning guys !
* since it is already 1230..hehe
well..i am not gonna tell about sad story or something similar like that
it is about MALE vs FEMALE
last night I had thought something
and i don't know how to conclude that
will ya do that for me ? ahah
what if there is a couple
they have no problem at all 
then , when it comes to understand each other's attitude
one of them really understand who her partner is
instead of being understand his partner too, he 
is more to be such an innocent guy
with that behaviour, it is damn hard to know 
what lies inside his mind aite ?
and the girl has to put a lot of effort to make him spill it out
* i think the girls shouldn't always make the first move
after a long period , the girl decided to do something drastically
if the girl doesn't ask that guy to spill everything on her,
will him do it volunteerly ?
i am not pointing to any gender but based on my experience
both genders are complicated to understand

p/s : tetibe terfikir ayat nih
dah orang layan pakai tangan, appreciate laa
jangan laa layan orang pakai kaki pulakk.
* its not just words..think deeper
night peeps !


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