Friday, June 3, 2011

baby sitting

assalamualaikum guys !
it is been a while i didn't update this blog..
* looking for the ideas actually..
forget the Milano's matters kayh ?
a few days ago, i had to babysit 3 brothers during night
since their mom had to attend a course
it was quite funny when I saw my father sat in the middle of the sofa
i thought he was quite awkward with those kids 
since he got no more baby to take care of.
All his children already turned to teenage =)
i had to take care of 2 brothers and a sister.
how i lucky to take care a well-behaved baby
believe it or not his mom left him about 4 hours at my house
but the baby called Idham never cried even once
there is one thing that i like bout this baby
just let him plays himself , then slowly he will sleep
see , so easy to get him sleep
* and if i have kids like that..;p
tho felt so tired after they back home
i felt a bit satisfied since i missed to babysit baby

this is idham
comel je kann..:)

geram nak dukung..hehe

these are his brother and sister
* penat lepas main..hehe

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