Sunday, June 19, 2011

special post

assalamualaikum and good day guys! ^_^

today i am official 19..hoyehh! * tho i dislike..huu ~
alhamdulillah..thank you very much
to all my family members and lovely friends
for all the wishes..
*tachingg meh
for those yg ade bagi pressies..
thank you so much * include you hun..hehe
i am not gonna celebrate today since the lil bro is staying at hostel
so , maybe this weekend..insyaallah..
to my beloved ummi and abah
saje je kan buat kakak neves sbb sengaja wish yg paling lambat..
* apee daa..befday pun kene tease jugak ke -,-
to my ' bodyguard'
comel je kan wish birthday bile sudi call umah bile call hp tk angkat..hehe ^^
to my lil bro
mase birthday org ni laaa nak main aci chakk..ggrr ~
to my hunny bunny
thank you your pressies..hehe

this is my first gift that i received on13th june
hehe..MUET result..
alhamdulillah..sampai target =)

yang nih pulakk
i received a week ago..hehe
kamsahamnida :)
even tho parcel kemek but i will still keep it
i give you my word..
maybe you'll get soon
will do..hehe * winks

one of the item inside the parcel
'' i do, hun''..hehe
* i am taken = p