Saturday, July 21, 2012

20 years

its time to update my blog
after I finished my 2nd semester
it went well.
and this year i am 20 years old.
i am so grateful being with the loved one
my parents, family and friends
well, the birthday celebration was so modest
as me was so busy with the schedules and presentations
so, let the pictures speak. 

chocolate indulgence for my birthday. thanks syaza, siti, nurul, kay and aisyah.

since we had the celebration at A & W, this was my  meal for dinner at that night.

 birthday gift 1 : shoes from Larrie. Thank you ^^ 

Birthday gift 2 and 3 : cartoon mini pillow, thanks to my roomate
Swiss Legend watch, thanks awak  ^^

i am never expect to receive these birthday gifts
but then thank you so much for these

i will update frequently this blog since i am having my semester break.
till then, take care.

p/s : its Ramadhan month, Happy Fasting guys!