Sunday, December 9, 2012


assalamualaikum and good morning guys!
i must admit that i don't care much about this blog.
i just had my presentation
live within two weeks before study week
is so hectic 
as it is fulls with 
presentations, reports, final tests
well, life must go on, aite ?
hopefully i can endure all these
without any black out
wish me luck guys!

take care.

p/s : rindu rumah T__T

Friday, August 3, 2012

the end of 2nd semester

Alhamdulillah, praise to the Almighty.
My day started with a good sign.
My result came out today and
it is totally unexpected, unpredictable
all my efforts are worth for it
i am never aim for that
but since I got it, 
felt sooo grateful.

I dedicate this post to all my girlfriends
for being with me during thick and thin
laugh together , cry together
thanks for my family
and to all Masscommers student
in UiTM Shah Alam.


p/s : felt touched.
Alhamdulillah, 2nd semester end dramatically.
Get ready for 3rd semester.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

20 years

its time to update my blog
after I finished my 2nd semester
it went well.
and this year i am 20 years old.
i am so grateful being with the loved one
my parents, family and friends
well, the birthday celebration was so modest
as me was so busy with the schedules and presentations
so, let the pictures speak. 

chocolate indulgence for my birthday. thanks syaza, siti, nurul, kay and aisyah.

since we had the celebration at A & W, this was my  meal for dinner at that night.

 birthday gift 1 : shoes from Larrie. Thank you ^^ 

Birthday gift 2 and 3 : cartoon mini pillow, thanks to my roomate
Swiss Legend watch, thanks awak  ^^

i am never expect to receive these birthday gifts
but then thank you so much for these

i will update frequently this blog since i am having my semester break.
till then, take care.

p/s : its Ramadhan month, Happy Fasting guys!

Friday, May 11, 2012

people do change

now, my blog is rarely update
since i am too busy with 
my assignments and stuff
confused and wonder about anything
about why people are changing
about why people are busy to know what we've been doing
about why i being such a pathethic girl

well, definitely I can go through all these things
but till when
i need a shoulder to cry on
i just can't help it
i don't understand why things like this would happen
please, someone
explain it to me
so that, i will make my heart harder

p/s : can't wait to see you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


last week, wawa baru start keje
a part timer, of course
keje kat event event je
the paid was okay
RM100 per 9 hours 
start at 3 pm till 12 midnight.

here's the pictures

p/s : rinduu nak keje lagi..hehe
i miss you xD

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

weds spontaneous

always remember.
i always do 

p/s : the first chocolate ever that i get.

Monday, April 16, 2012

i guess
now, i am having a turning point in my life
 dear heart,
please, don't flutter much
i beg you
deep inside there
i can feel the pain

dear heart, 
i hope you can be strong
as your owner do
don't make your owner
get weaker

heart, please i beg you.

p/s : encounter many things in one time

Monday, March 26, 2012

dari KLCC ke TS

last sunday,
lepas modul turun ke KLCC dan TS
asalnya tak jadi pegi sebab ade modul
tapi nasib terlalu baik
modul habes awal
and turun ke 2 destinasi untuk jumpa kawan
yang dah setahun setengah tak jumpa
sangat happy 
shera, you're suprised, am i right ?
and for you, your wish became true
= )

pegi TS, main kat theme park
nipis jugak debit card dibuatnya
tapi bukan selalu dapat jumpa
so, its fine laaa
here's the picture

 mase kat KLCC

 theme park, before got back to kids time

 my dearest sister, shera 

 ''syg dah kurus,'' - shera
 rode on mini train

p/s : i miss you and i hope
one fine day,
i can go to your place.

me drawing

assalamualaikum guys.
as a masscomm student,
tak sangka kene belajar graphic and design
which means 
me have to draw
oleh sebab i tak pandai nak melukis
* bukan tak pandai sebenarnya
tapi mmg tak reti nak lukis. hehe

this is it.

gambar first
music is my soul

reading equal to me 

love jewels :)

my one and only artwork

p/s : dedicated to someone.

Friday, March 9, 2012


kadang - kadang
aku rasa aku nak keluar
keluar dari kemelut manusia
yang disaluti pelbagai rasa

kadang - kadang 
aku rasa aku nak keluar
keluar dari kemelut manusia
dengan hanya menjadi orang ketiga
melihat mereka seperti drama

kadang - kadang
aku rasa aku nak keluar
keluar dari segala masalah
tak kiralah 
masalah jiwa, masalah duit

kadang - kadang 
aku rasa aku nak keluar
keluar dari cengkaman orang lain
inginkan kebebasan hakiki

kadang - kadang
aku rasa aku nak keluar
keluar dari merasa sakit
sakit hati, sakit segala penyakit
yang datang tanpa henti

kadang - kadang
aku rasa aku nak keluar
keluar habiskan masa
luahkan ape yang terpendam
dek mencecah limit

kadang - kadang
aku rasa aku nak keluar
keluar dari segala-galanya
mungkin kah ia
dapat selesaikan segalanya.

p/s : its hurt inside, sorry

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

medical check up

assalamualaikum and good night friends
yes, as the title above
i did that after i suffered a lot 
for 2 years and half
because of back pain and shoulder ache
i did all 
the x-ray stuff, check the pressure and so on
and the result
i am so not satisfied with it
it is soo bad
sorry doc, i can't go anymore
i am too busy with my schedules.
but i won't forget to eat medicine
and i was too shocked after the
doc told me the result.

medical letter transfer from shah alam to kb

the medicine. once a day + 2 tablet

p/s : segala kesakitan itu
adalah salah satu cara
untuk membayar dosa
^ _____ ^

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Praise to Allah

berkat usaha, doa dan tawakkal
maka keluar lah result
22 - 02 - 2012
dan hari ni senyum bertemankan tangis
syukur sangat di beri peluang untuk
berdiri sama tinggi, berduduk sama rendah
dengan yang lain
walaupun tak DL
tapi tetap 3.0 above
tak sia-sia selalu jadi burung hantu almost hari-hari
tak sia-sia demam yang payah nak kebah
tak sia-sia tido sikit
tak sia-sia nangis sensorang

congrates to my classmates and my friends
let's strive harder in future

p/s : rasa macam nak nangis lagi 
TESL, kalau kita ade jodoh, 
kita jumpa nanti saya buat Master okay
^ _____ ^

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

kawin lagi

assalamualaikum and good night
wahai sayang sayang semua
its a peaceful day to end 
well, lately i noticed something happened within my friends
there are a lot of them engaged
i mean, an official engage
not forget to my friends who married in such young age
the official one, of course
i am not jealous at all
and i told my mother about this
then she replied that
it is good actually to settle down in young age
kalau ade jodoh, kawin
kalau takde jodoh, hai bimbang juga
plus, she said 
kalau lelaki itu terdetik nak kawin,
kalau perempuan itu terdapat ilham nak kawin,
so, kawin je laa.
begituu laa ceritanya.

p/s : its absurd aite
when the mother keeps talk bout marriage
when the daughter is single.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

little chef

today, rasa eksaited sangat nak update blog
sebab umi cakap something yang unpredictable pagi tadi
here's the dialogue
occurred on this morning
umi : kakak, masak lah ape yang patut ye hari ni.
ME : okay. ehm, masak udang masak merah bole umi ?
umi : boleh tapi udang ade cket je.
ME : okay. nanti kakak decide, kakak rendam.
once again bukak pintu my bedroom.
umi : masak ea. Abah balik rumah lunch hari ni.
ME: (schocked). Ehem, okay.
umi : Abah cakap semalam ayam black pepper 
kakak masak sedap.
ME : ea ? Abah takde cakap pun umi
umi : Abah bagitau kat umi semalam.
Abah panggil ayam kertas hitam.hehe..
ME : okay.
ni rupa ayam black pepper
ni bukan gambar ori
tapi likewise laa..hehe
thanks en google
ni pulak udang masak merah
happy tengok abang makan banyak

p/s : happy sebab dapat masak untuk family

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

bile umi buka mulut

assalamualaikum and morning guys
today i felt excited to update my blog
last night only my mother and me at home
so, we did chat about pregnancy, marriage,
couples and whatsoever lagi laa
and the most important is
i can't forget this line from my mother
after i said to her
that i've planned that i am gonna marry
when i am in 28/27 yrs old
then she said
''sheshh..kenape nak kawin lambat sangat
macam umi abah ni. Dah dah
ade jodoh, 25 kene kawin.''

hadoii..kene setepek kat atas dahi ni
seriously, i have no desire to find one

p/s : mengeluh lepas umi cakap cenggitu.

list of my answers

assalamualaikum and evening dears
umur dah meningkat satu dari tahun ke tahun
kalau nak tahu kematangan tahap fikiran kita
definitely,orang akan cakap 
dah umur banyak, mestilah fikiran matang, kan kan
tapi ade je yang terbalik
this is the proof.
recently, i am not so interested in facebooking
like seriously
sebab i am getting bored
reading such a lame status
looking uninterested pictures
emotional overreacted
come on people, wake up !
mind reflects us
and for those yang in 'relationship'
agak annoyed jugak dengan korang yang sebenarnye
i am not deny that i also was in relationship
but that was in my past
and now i am single
but pleassse lah ye
jangan overjoy sangat o proud sangat dengan
'hubungan-yang-belum-tentu-jadi' korang tu

this is some of my answers from my friend's post 

1.kenape laa orang perempuan sekarang tak malu nak mencari lelaki ? 
tak malu ke ?
answer : in my humble opinion, bagi anda yang sudah berkahwin dan 
mempunyai anak sebelum berumur 18 tahun,
anda TIDAK LAYAK SEPENUHNYA untuk berpendapat sebegitu
nisbah lelaki dan perempuan sekarang sangat berbeza
secara logiknya, wajarlah perempuan bersaing untuk mendapatkan pasangan.

2. bagi anda yang selalu update status pakai RASBERRY dan segala 'BERRY'
answer : bukan dengki atau bersifat iri hati tapi suka untuk berkongsi
korang rasa secure ke bila korang bagitau orang yang ade kat mane
pada sekian2 waktu , ce try tanya diri sendiri
one more thing, jangan show off sangat,
nanti ALLAH tarik anugerah yang ade, kang ade yang melalak

3. tulis status childish
answer : yang ni ditujukan buat perempuan dan lelaki
yang berumur 14 and above
korang dan besar kan
ALLAH bagi otak suruh fikir, jangan pakai kepala lutut
nanti lain jadinya.

4. tulis emotional post untuk bagitahu mood 
answer : sekarang dah jadi macam 1 pesen dah
mengadu masalah thru posts
me too
tapi its just for my self-reflection
tapi yang tulis,
'aku marah betul laa...'
sampai mencaci, mencarut, memaki
segala bagai ape kehalnya
nak sangat mengadu,
buat kat twitter...lagi senang

5. update status all the time
answer: yang ni lagi buat aku rasa fed-up
homefeed penuh dengan post 'kau'
tak letih ke nak menaip dik oii

in the end, main farmville lagi rasa selesa
sambil geleng2 kepala plus gelak sorang2
sambil bace status yang entahpapetuu

p/s : sorry kalau terasa
but this is fact.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

delayed post

kalau nak abaikan post ni pun takpe
nak bace pun dialu-alukan. :~)
hari tu mase exam
nak sit for last paper
ade gap almost 5 days
semua dah tension bagai satu bilik.haha
kitorang dari awal sem lagi
dah plan nak keluar same
maka, 16 01 2012
kami bertiga
pun keluar mendedahkan diri kepada sang mentari
menghabiskan satu hari satu malam
berjalan dari satu tempat ke satu tempat
memang letih tapi berbaloi lepas
dapat rendam kaki dalam air suam
perggh..memang mantap. HAHA

this were our destinations
kalau nak ditambah, tolak
darab dan dibahagikan
kitorang tak habiskan RM100 pun hari tu
tapi banyak jugak barang aku beli
here's the pictures
my two roomies budak account 

this is asz, her height differ 3 cm than me. uhuk
this is fateen norliyana, always comfort me whenever i cry.
they've been together since matriculation
i was forced to join the posing too. T__T
trying to hide the laugh, maybe
at i city, me, aten, asz

our movie tickets, watching the death hours, 
it was an awesome day to spend
thank you dears.

p/s : i am sleepy and gonna sleep
* midninght is the best time for skin to rejunivate. 
good night chingoo ^^

Thursday, January 26, 2012

balik rumah

dah lama rasanya tak update blog
sangat busy even tak busy pun nak membusykan diri jugak. >,<
i am now having my semester break
tho for 8 weeks, it doesn't matter
berbaloi lah kan bile ingat family tyme masalah melanda je

basah je mate ni..haha
bukan homesick okay
i just want someone to hear all my complains and sort of problem
i am not a robot
siyesly, hari tuu tension sangat sampai tak terkata
rumate tanya if i have a problem
instead of answer that verbally,
i just could cry.
childish kan sampai tak pandai nak bagitau ape
yang ade dalam kepala hotak during that time.
even tho i am a masscommer,
i can be very talkative yet
when it comes to my very very personal
i just could not speak up
its not that i am begging for someone to keep accompany me
it just that remember that someone here is need you
to loosen my burden from
physically to mentally.
here i am 
my home
:: home sweet home ::

p/s : 
selamat pengantin baru to my former classmate, 
nadiah and her husband.
sampai hati tak ajak, tanak kawan ;p

Monday, January 2, 2012

serious yet funny

its 2 january 2012 and i am doing recap for year 2011..LOL

MARCH 2011
I finished my tesl foundation year but yet i missed the moments 
with all my friends especially my roommates

JUNE 2011
received birthday gifts from my former-classmate from us.
they are 3 all of them altogether. I had a blast birthday for this final teenage year.

a turning point in my life. I had broke up with my boyfriend with an unclear reason.
I am a bit disappointed because I had waited for six years
and its totally not worth it.

enrolled in UiTM SHAH ALAM
as a degree student and alhamdulillah 
managed to catch up all the classes and 
sort of quizzes, tests and assignments

bought DSLR, all sponsored..heheew ~

felt very sick at my backbone and stomach.
had to do xray but then i potponed it after my this coming final.

start a new chapter without him, totally.
preparing for my final.

hope things will get better on this year, 2012
you, you and you brighten my 2011 year.

thanks dear ^___^

p/s : can't wait to end my 1st sem.