Sunday, October 30, 2011

am i a weirdo ?

title takk menahan betul yee..
kalau anda anda semua pegi shopping/ mall
section ape yg korang takkan miss pegi ?
kasut /baju/ accessories/ cosmetics ?
and wawa pulakk
takkan miss dari pegi baby's section
pelik kan..
seorang perempuan bujang yang tiada teman
suka jenjalan pegi tempat baby..memang pelik b ajaib
ade 3 sebab nape wawa suke baby's section
1- haruman baby sangat lain dan 
dan buat saya bertindak macam budak kecik..LOL
2- baju baby sangat comel dan wawa rase geram sangat
3. ia mengigatkan kenangan wawa mase kecik..=)
and just now,
i did my advertising assignment..and i found this

takk memasal kan promot barang baby..

p/s : can't wait to have babies..LOL

Thursday, October 27, 2011

move on ~

its not a lie
but a fact that now, 
i am moving on my life
solely without you
i feel like 
this is who i am
the real one
there is my friend asked me bout moving on
did i just say that i already moved on but still 
remember of him

i am hundred percent move on
and left the past
but of course 

there is some time 
i will stop for awhile and take a gasp
reminiscence the past

p/s: you don't know that how much tears 
I cried for you

Monday, October 24, 2011

its the most hectic week

dah lame rase tak update blogg..
seminggu tk call umi abah..
memang terbaekk lahh..
* bukan sengaja.. ^__^
ade KI..
ade theatre performance untuk pesta konvo..
the title is 7 puteri..
and i was one of them..

and the picture ...?
takde lagi..ade ngan photographer..
nest time, i'll show it..
till then,
bye bye

p/s : tak cukup rehat..penat tapi berbaloi
thanks abg azrai ngan joseph sbb make-up i..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

a big family

the beast is surrounded by the beauties :)

picture above shown
how ' big' my family is..
although we only get to know for about 2 months
but the relationship is really strong
like a real brother-sisters
we tease each other
we care each other
we remember each other
so, this is how my degree life start

i start to feel comfortable with you guys !

i heart you..xD

p/s : the mid sem break is around the corner
can't wait to go home

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

until today, people keep ask me
why I pursue my study in masscomm study
and i just answer that i don't get the Medsi test
but they don't ask why I didn't get the Medsi test
this is because

i filled the UPU wrongly..
yeah.. a small mistake there only with the first choice
and that's it..
at the end, i am here
if i got the Medsi test, probably 
I am now in UKM or UTM Skudai..
what a waste right..
but sho cares if sooner I can continue 
my study, Master insyaallah
in TESL again..

p/s : do pray for me <3

Friday, October 7, 2011

thanks for the day peeps !

morning guys !
* tetibe je malam ni jadi bear yang comel
sebab nak siapkan assignment advert
see the title ?
iyee..memang keluar date puun..
tapi ber TIGA okay ?
2 gals and a guy
kitorang skolah menengah same and sekelas
dah sebulan buat deg kat uitm shah alam
baru laaa dapat jumpa * sigh
name je 1 kampus tapi tk penah jumpa
the pictures will shown later..
till then, 

p/s: inter is my major
advert is my minor

Saturday, October 1, 2011


thank you friends
because i got you on my back
when i have crisis
when i have no direction to go
when i am having ketidaktetapan-perasaan
when i feel like wanna cry and hug someone
thank you abang
because of your concern
even tho abang did not know the real situation
you are willing to text me 
just to check either i am okay or not
even it is your lunch time

p/s : being blessed

its 011011

chewahh..tajuk tak menahan betul ye..
macam no binary..
dulu penah terasa nak buat projek 'itu'
insyaallah slow2 bakal menuju ke arah itu..
harap2 this time jadi

p/s : its october and i am still no strong enough