Tuesday, January 31, 2012

delayed post

kalau nak abaikan post ni pun takpe
nak bace pun dialu-alukan. :~)
hari tu mase exam
nak sit for last paper
ade gap almost 5 days
semua dah tension bagai satu bilik.haha
kitorang dari awal sem lagi
dah plan nak keluar same
maka, 16 01 2012
kami bertiga
pun keluar mendedahkan diri kepada sang mentari
menghabiskan satu hari satu malam
berjalan dari satu tempat ke satu tempat
memang letih tapi berbaloi lepas
dapat rendam kaki dalam air suam
perggh..memang mantap. HAHA

this were our destinations
kalau nak ditambah, tolak
darab dan dibahagikan
kitorang tak habiskan RM100 pun hari tu
tapi banyak jugak barang aku beli
here's the pictures
my two roomies budak account 

this is asz, her height differ 3 cm than me. uhuk
this is fateen norliyana, always comfort me whenever i cry.
they've been together since matriculation
i was forced to join the posing too. T__T
trying to hide the laugh, maybe
at i city, me, aten, asz

our movie tickets, watching the death hours, 
it was an awesome day to spend
thank you dears.

p/s : i am sleepy and gonna sleep
* midninght is the best time for skin to rejunivate. 
good night chingoo ^^


Thursday, January 26, 2012

balik rumah

dah lama rasanya tak update blog
sangat busy even tak busy pun nak membusykan diri jugak. >,<
i am now having my semester break
tho for 8 weeks, it doesn't matter
berbaloi lah kan bile ingat family tyme masalah melanda je

basah je mate ni..haha
bukan homesick okay
i just want someone to hear all my complains and sort of problem
i am not a robot
siyesly, hari tuu tension sangat sampai tak terkata
rumate tanya if i have a problem
instead of answer that verbally,
i just could cry.
childish kan sampai tak pandai nak bagitau ape
yang ade dalam kepala hotak during that time.
even tho i am a masscommer,
i can be very talkative yet
when it comes to my very very personal
i just could not speak up
its not that i am begging for someone to keep accompany me
it just that remember that someone here is need you
to loosen my burden from
physically to mentally.
here i am 
my home
:: home sweet home ::

p/s : 
selamat pengantin baru to my former classmate, 
nadiah and her husband.
sampai hati tak ajak, tanak kawan ;p


Monday, January 2, 2012

serious yet funny

its 2 january 2012 and i am doing recap for year 2011..LOL

MARCH 2011
I finished my tesl foundation year but yet i missed the moments 
with all my friends especially my roommates

JUNE 2011
received birthday gifts from my former-classmate from us.
they are 3 all of them altogether. I had a blast birthday for this final teenage year.

a turning point in my life. I had broke up with my boyfriend with an unclear reason.
I am a bit disappointed because I had waited for six years
and its totally not worth it.

enrolled in UiTM SHAH ALAM
as a degree student and alhamdulillah 
managed to catch up all the classes and 
sort of quizzes, tests and assignments

bought DSLR, all sponsored..heheew ~

felt very sick at my backbone and stomach.
had to do xray but then i potponed it after my this coming final.

start a new chapter without him, totally.
preparing for my final.

hope things will get better on this year, 2012
you, you and you brighten my 2011 year.

thanks dear ^___^

p/s : can't wait to end my 1st sem.