Sunday, June 26, 2011

a transformation

assalamualaikum and night peeps !
suddenly i wanna update this belog tonite
since i back from Melaka
after my foundation year
i have been experienced a lot
thick and thin 
with my roomies
till they changed me slowly
little by little
bout self motivation and of course
improve themselves and me
to go to the right path
the path that blessed by Allah
before , i can assume that i've already read a lot of love novels
but time flies
and so do i
now , i would prefer to read self motivation novel
because it contains hadith and Quran verse..
at least it helps me to move a step forward to Allah

p/s : pintu hati dah diketuk
untuk berubah lagi ke arah kebaikan
insyaallah nak jadi anak solehah
untuk ummi abah =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

be grateful

assalamualaikum guys!
hari nih tergerak hati nak update belogg..
be grateful ..yes you must no matter you guys susah ke senang ke..
bersyukur itu penting..
kenapa wawa nak nagging pasal benda nih ?
sebab wawa terfikir betapa jauh nye beza
antara kehidupan mase wawa and bodyguard mase tecix tecix dulu
dengan life si lil bro skang..
kalau nak di umpamakan
ibarat matahari dengan planet pluto * tho pluto is not a planet..hua hua
pakai baju berjenama geordano bagai
tanak cikai..yang orii bhaii ~
even track suit tak pakai laaa yang low class
jatuh standard lahh..
bukan nak drag laa kan..but he shud be grateful
yelah..i know that previous parents income was so low kalau nak 
dicomparekan dengan current salaries
cakap je..insyaallah dapat..
yelah tak penah dapat title budak-tak-penah-susah kan
wawa and bodyguard tak pernah question why he always gets what he wants
only one that we want from him
dah dapat ape yang nakk a return , belajar lah rerajin..
naikkan pointerr..jangan nak bergaya and
flirt je !..OoOpps !.

p/s : kalau dah rase senang, bersyukur
and kalau di beri dugaan , berlapang lah dada
insyaallah Allah sentiasa di sisi kita
smile always peeps !

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

kene bebel

assalamualaikum peeps !
as you can see the title..yes i am..
i met a dietition yesterday and she nagged at me
because of my low glucose level in blood..: ( sorry because i don't really like sweet food..
then she asked me to take more rice
and she also advised to bring along sweets and juice with me
if i wanna go out..
as a preparation to not to collapse.. ^_^
thanks for your concern..
and today i have high fever..poor me..

p/s : pray for me to get well soon

Sunday, June 19, 2011

special post

assalamualaikum and good day guys! ^_^

today i am official 19..hoyehh! * tho i dislike..huu ~
alhamdulillah..thank you very much
to all my family members and lovely friends
for all the wishes..
*tachingg meh
for those yg ade bagi pressies..
thank you so much * include you hun..hehe
i am not gonna celebrate today since the lil bro is staying at hostel
so , maybe this weekend..insyaallah..
to my beloved ummi and abah
saje je kan buat kakak neves sbb sengaja wish yg paling lambat..
* apee daa..befday pun kene tease jugak ke -,-
to my ' bodyguard'
comel je kan wish birthday bile sudi call umah bile call hp tk angkat..hehe ^^
to my lil bro
mase birthday org ni laaa nak main aci chakk..ggrr ~
to my hunny bunny
thank you your pressies..hehe

this is my first gift that i received on13th june
hehe..MUET result..
alhamdulillah..sampai target =)

yang nih pulakk
i received a week ago..hehe
kamsahamnida :)
even tho parcel kemek but i will still keep it
i give you my word..
maybe you'll get soon
will do..hehe * winks

one of the item inside the parcel
'' i do, hun''..hehe
* i am taken = p

Saturday, June 18, 2011


assalamualaikum and today is 19th june..
;p hehe
walaupun hari nih hari official father's day
but my family dah celebrate awal awal..tehee~
disebabkan before this aku masak spaghetti
for my lil bro je, abang kesayangan aku merajuk rajuk
disebabkan nak makan spaghetti..* manje siott..ekeke
malam tuu..masak laaa..
lepas ko-keng ko-keng kat dapur
alhamdulillah..ciap masak jugak..
habes licin..hua hua hua
* nasib baik die cakap sedap..HAHA
then lepas serve makanan, baru aku wish kat abah.
here the pic..hehe

* sos banyak sebab abah nakk..hehe

lots of love,
your daughter :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

male vs female

assalamualaikum and morning guys !
* since it is already 1230..hehe
well..i am not gonna tell about sad story or something similar like that
it is about MALE vs FEMALE
last night I had thought something
and i don't know how to conclude that
will ya do that for me ? ahah
what if there is a couple
they have no problem at all 
then , when it comes to understand each other's attitude
one of them really understand who her partner is
instead of being understand his partner too, he 
is more to be such an innocent guy
with that behaviour, it is damn hard to know 
what lies inside his mind aite ?
and the girl has to put a lot of effort to make him spill it out
* i think the girls shouldn't always make the first move
after a long period , the girl decided to do something drastically
if the girl doesn't ask that guy to spill everything on her,
will him do it volunteerly ?
i am not pointing to any gender but based on my experience
both genders are complicated to understand

p/s : tetibe terfikir ayat nih
dah orang layan pakai tangan, appreciate laa
jangan laa layan orang pakai kaki pulakk.
* its not just words..think deeper
night peeps !

a lost

assalamualaikum guys !
dah berkarat agaknye my belogg..tehee~
i am still in the mood berkabung
my granny had passed away last friday
exactly in the middle of the night..
al- fatihah
though i am not too close to her , 
yet i still respect her as elder and my granny
wish my granny is placed among the pious

Monday, June 6, 2011


assalamualaikum (^_^)
today, terasa mcam nak update belogg laa..hehe
ketuk ?
jangan ingat this post about nak pukul hentam orang..
ehh takklaaa..bukan yang tuu
ketukk in this entry means mintak..('',)
kepada sape sape yang tengah berpasang tuu
takk lepas laa kan kalau takde term belanje saye , belanje awak
takk kurang jugak term 'awak, kalau nak ape ape bagitau saye tau'
as for me, bukan nak bangga diri ke hape lahh kann..
i never ask something from my ehem ehem
never !
sebab ?
simple je..tak nak ketuk duet orang sebab kita tak tahu sape jodoh kite
kita tak tahu boleh tak kite end up relationship yang kita bina tu dengan 
ade je perempuan yang sengaja tinggal purse kalau nak date
motifnye ape nak orang belanje kan ?
ade jugak yang mak sendiri yang suruh tinggal purse
tak dinafikan laa lelaki memang nak act gentleman depan their girl
nak jadi seperfect yang mungkin
tapi pompuan puun kene laa faham
ala kadar cukuplaa..jangan laa overboard
nih takk..nak ini nak itu
kalau yang cokia takkpe..ini yang orii derr..
ingat laa ckett..itu duet diee..bukan duet kite 
i am not pointing to any girls tapi agak tertarik laa
nak bagitau kat girls yang takk elok sangat laa duk ketuk duet otrang nih
hape..ingat lelaki suka sangat ke
mula mula memang laa takk
tapi kalau dah lame , muak jugakk 
so , takk salah kan kalau tak ketuk orang..hehe
as a precaution tak salah kalau practice =)

peace no war 

Friday, June 3, 2011

baby sitting

assalamualaikum guys !
it is been a while i didn't update this blog..
* looking for the ideas actually..
forget the Milano's matters kayh ?
a few days ago, i had to babysit 3 brothers during night
since their mom had to attend a course
it was quite funny when I saw my father sat in the middle of the sofa
i thought he was quite awkward with those kids 
since he got no more baby to take care of.
All his children already turned to teenage =)
i had to take care of 2 brothers and a sister.
how i lucky to take care a well-behaved baby
believe it or not his mom left him about 4 hours at my house
but the baby called Idham never cried even once
there is one thing that i like bout this baby
just let him plays himself , then slowly he will sleep
see , so easy to get him sleep
* and if i have kids like that..;p
tho felt so tired after they back home
i felt a bit satisfied since i missed to babysit baby

this is idham
comel je kann..:)

geram nak dukung..hehe

these are his brother and sister
* penat lepas main..hehe