Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what a havoc in short period

assalamualaikum guys !
whoaaa..dah lame sangat tak update blogg tersayangg..
ngehee ~
been busy with degree stuff..
insyaallah..will comfortable to the new surrounding soon
but yet, i am still adapting with new environment
with new roomates , new courses and 
of course new status..
from MELATI to MASSCOM faculty is okay
i just have to walk for bout 10-15 mins
( no need to jog then )..haha
but from MELATI to MENARA SAAS is K.O
like seriously, i have to ride bus to there
( banyak habes duit kat rapid )..nguhuuu ~
for study, i am now working on getting recycle textbooks
wish me luck guys !

p/s : rasa sayang hei
rasa sayang sayang hei..
hei melati lihat jati
rasa sayang sayang hei..

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