Tuesday, February 14, 2012

kawin lagi

assalamualaikum and good night
wahai sayang sayang semua
its a peaceful day to end 
well, lately i noticed something happened within my friends
there are a lot of them engaged
i mean, an official engage
not forget to my friends who married in such young age
the official one, of course
i am not jealous at all
and i told my mother about this
then she replied that
it is good actually to settle down in young age
kalau ade jodoh, kawin
kalau takde jodoh, hai bimbang juga
plus, she said 
kalau lelaki itu terdetik nak kawin,
kalau perempuan itu terdapat ilham nak kawin,
so, kawin je laa.
begituu laa ceritanya.

p/s : its absurd aite
when the mother keeps talk bout marriage
when the daughter is single.

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