Wednesday, February 1, 2012

bile umi buka mulut

assalamualaikum and morning guys
today i felt excited to update my blog
last night only my mother and me at home
so, we did chat about pregnancy, marriage,
couples and whatsoever lagi laa
and the most important is
i can't forget this line from my mother
after i said to her
that i've planned that i am gonna marry
when i am in 28/27 yrs old
then she said
''sheshh..kenape nak kawin lambat sangat
macam umi abah ni. Dah dah
ade jodoh, 25 kene kawin.''

hadoii..kene setepek kat atas dahi ni
seriously, i have no desire to find one

p/s : mengeluh lepas umi cakap cenggitu.

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