Thursday, January 26, 2012

balik rumah

dah lama rasanya tak update blog
sangat busy even tak busy pun nak membusykan diri jugak. >,<
i am now having my semester break
tho for 8 weeks, it doesn't matter
berbaloi lah kan bile ingat family tyme masalah melanda je

basah je mate ni..haha
bukan homesick okay
i just want someone to hear all my complains and sort of problem
i am not a robot
siyesly, hari tuu tension sangat sampai tak terkata
rumate tanya if i have a problem
instead of answer that verbally,
i just could cry.
childish kan sampai tak pandai nak bagitau ape
yang ade dalam kepala hotak during that time.
even tho i am a masscommer,
i can be very talkative yet
when it comes to my very very personal
i just could not speak up
its not that i am begging for someone to keep accompany me
it just that remember that someone here is need you
to loosen my burden from
physically to mentally.
here i am 
my home
:: home sweet home ::

p/s : 
selamat pengantin baru to my former classmate, 
nadiah and her husband.
sampai hati tak ajak, tanak kawan ;p

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