Thursday, November 3, 2011

unexpected date..LOL

today, my schedule was too free
like seriously
today's class started at 1030  and end at 12
all i did was watched THE EXORCIST movie
thanks madam amelia..
Madam is pretty cool and amazing lecturer

then, i went out with ehem ehem..
cannot write the name..
let it just be a secret then

pegi Jusco..
poor him, had to treat me for two days
and today i learnt new thing
as i never go to cineplex before,
today i broke the rule..

we watched the REAL STEEL..
that movie was awesome
first time watched the movie at cinema
the feel was quite different
plus, the sound effect..
here's the picture
 here's the tickets..
not the couple seats okayyy..:D

this was his food
at back was mine - spaghetti

p/s : first time dengar orang mintak maaf ngan makanan
sebab tak habes makan..cooomel sangat..=)

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