Wednesday, November 2, 2011

today began with a good sign
my lecturer approved my photo for assignment
that's mean that i already had a good picture
then, in the middle of day
my mood swing
i cried silently in the middle of camp briefing
it was because of something unexpected occured 
in front of my eyes
at that time, i felt that the word is keep spinning
but I at the same place.
the world is revolves around me
then, i got text from my friend..
checked either i was okay or not
i replied
said that i need a shoulder to cry on
we met and he slowly chased away my sadness
you accmpany me to buy mr sweet you are

this is MR TEDDY..        -___-

semalam : makan Mc'D
filet-o-fish / oreo Mc Flurry / chicken porridge = full for entire night

thanks for today, friend

p/s : ade orang tuu jeles sbb selalu je ade orang belanje saye makan

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