Saturday, May 21, 2011

random ~

assalamualaikum guys ! my wish came true !
thanks abangg..ily..(^_^)
saye happyy..sebab
first , upu dah ciap sent..
* cepat lah proses ye >,<
second is i got new external..miahaha
sangat gumbirra..:)
tanak membebel banyak banyak
here some pics to share with you guys =)

my new external..just bought from PC FAIR in KB
mercii ~~

these are my phones
* fyi , i never bought phone even one..
these are from my brother and dad..ily

 this is my latest kemeja *sort of
i like this design because it has hoody at the back
hehe..since i like the hoody , so i just grabbed it 
for muslimah , baju nih elok je sbb labuh and available in
four sizes..i was informed that 
this is the latest fashion..
idk whether its true or not

my new novels..hehe
* can you buyy one for me ? i am craving for novels right noww..hehe

p / s : i am missing youu ~