Sunday, May 15, 2011

only make me smile

assalamualaikum and good day !
i felt so tired but satisfied today
cause i managed to have a six-hours of video call :)
it is already break the older record of us..;p
people always say that 
always don't make up
well , as for me it won't be a serious subject if people
and one more thing is we have to make extra effort to make it works
since now we have SKYPE vs OOVOO vs YM ! 
anything impossible can be possible
what can i hightlight here is we can have a private conversation
*no need to open FACEBOOK chatbox to IM..hehe
furthermore both parties can save their money esp for wedding..;p
thru my experience, this kind of relationship is likes an aid for me
to express feelings towards him
*having trouble on expressing feelings towards people..sigh
communicate every single day
let me think , in my case , not really
if one of them is busy ,  so let ' s just give some space
for themselves..* al-sabru minal iman
don't forget to send care packages if you are afford * mine insyaallah
couple who having this kind of relationship should always 
be clear about relationship to each other
to prevent from misunderstanding occur
if you think that there is 'invisible wall' between both of you , 
this is the time to break it 
if possible ,  share your passion
either likes or dislikes may look like a silly question
butt it does help people in knowing each other deeper
lastly , one thing for sure

p/s : insyaallah mine will work out

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