Wednesday, May 11, 2011

another side of me

my birthday is coming soon..
within a month..
so on this 19th june 2011 i 'll be official turn to 19 
i think it is a turning point of my life..
i am getting mature and more understand towards people around me
but somehow i think i still a small kid
a kid who can't go out without her parents
a kid who can't do anything her wants
a kid who need 24/7 guidance
i know that i am the only girl
but please
at least treat me as my age..
I can't deny how angry i am when you both don't allow me
to hang out with my peeps outside there
but it is only for a while
i know you think the best for me as your daughter
but at least give me some freedom
let me know what kind of the world is
is it marvelous or is it horrible
i need to know at least i can get used to it in future
i also know that people used to say that
keeping goats and cows are much easier than keeping a daughter
but i don't think that it is acceptable for now
*literally now
parents should gives their attention equally to their boys and girls
why I say that ?
it is because both genders give bad impact if they are not being controlled at young age
my point is not just blaming the parents but kids should understand 
why the elders do so.
yeahh..just like what am i doing now..
as long as I think rationale and no control by emotion 
insyaallah..MR SABAR is always with me

*another side of me is talking now..miahaha

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