Sunday, May 8, 2011


~pengakuan berani maut dari saya ~

the holes in my tongue show how many times
I have bitten back words I meant to say to you.
I am glad you forgive me whenever I do wrong
no matter it is small or big things.

i heart youu..<3 <3<3

though we are not too close like other mom-daughters
though you spend just a little time with me every day
though granny who raised me up 
though you are not always supporting me during having hard times
though abah who experts with all my sizes
though I never slept with you during my childhood
though you always pamper your sons
though you will never give what I want
though I let you decide whatever comes in my life for my own sake
though I feel depressed thinking all these

to tell you the truth
you are the first one appear in my mind
when I was on my first and only suicidal attempt..
like seriously 
I cried and screamed aloud..
deep inside i love you more than words
i still remember you are the one who bring me to this beautiful world
from your eyes i can feel the unconditional love to me
though I just text you to wish you something
it is just a medium to express my feelings
i just can't express my feeling..
i don't know why but i can't
* i tend to cry when it comes in touching thingy
jeong-mal mianhae

i love youu more than words 
from the bottom of my heart

yours sincerely,
your sickness and cure.

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