Sunday, May 22, 2011

maybe it is the best

assalamualaikum and evening guys !
penah tak rase regret lepas buat something ?
i mean something yang boleh bagi efek in our future
i do ..but when i think over again and again..
nak patah balik puun tak boleh sebab dah lepas
and for now , i only can hope
hope tomorrow will be better than yesterday
there is Quran verse : kun fayakun
means : jika ia mahu berlaku , maka berlaku lah ia
yeao..maybe this is my destiny to not involve in that career
maybe there is something else for me
yeao..maybe better than that..who knows aite ?
Allah knows best for his servants
like Adam  NurKasih said 
Kita hanya mampu merancang , tapi Allah yang menentukannya =)
people say that never to look at our past time
but as for me , i have to look at my past time 
learnt from the mistakes and not to do the same thing again in future
how bout you guys ?
agree ?

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